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Testing #4

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Another tester

Yesterday's Hangout on Air was a doozy! In under 30 minutes we discussed RSS feeds, the feeds provided by Blogger, how to manipulate them, and how to re-integrate them into your website in new and interesting ways.

Per the summary:

Did you catch our Hangout on Air yesterday? In another great tutorial, David Kutcher discussed RSS feeds, the types of RSS feeds created by Blogger automatically for your blog, and preview methods for integrating those feeds back into your website in new and unique ways.

While most people are familiar with using RSS feeds as a way to syndicate their content, or get updates from sites that they frequent without visiting them every day, RSS feeds also provide an easy way to segment your content and break it out of the standard "order by date" display of a blog.
We also discussed using FeedBurner as an introductory method of RSS feed manipulation, as well as the services provided by FeedBurner such as "subscribe by email", BuzzBoost, and posting to social media services. 
Here are the blog posts referenced in the video:
- An overview of the feeds provided by Blogger: http://goo.gl/onWBb
- Example code for how to integrate Blogger feeds back into your website: http://goo.gl/pfkcy

You can follow the discussion on the post on the Blogger Google+ Page.
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